Rumor (probably BS) of the day: No love lost between Tom Hardy & Charlize Theron on Mad Max set

There’s no love lost between Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron on the set of Mad Max: Fury Road, is exclusively reporting.

The British method actor has been driving the South-African born Oscar winner crazy by constantly talking to himself during breaks in filming the remake of the 70s cult classic, an on-set source claims.

Charlize, the source says, just can’t believe Tom has to stay in character when they’re not filming and thinks he’s a “weirdo!”

“Charlize and Tom are just not getting on together,” the source told “Professionally, they are doing a wonderful job, but in-between takes Tom likes to stay in character and is constantly talking to himself and mumbling things.

“Charlize has tried to talk to him during breaks in filming but he shuts himself off from the rest of the cast.

“She has the ability to switch off when she’s not filming, and can immediately turn into her character as soon the camera’s rolling.

“However, he prefers to isolate himself and Charlize thinks he’s a weirdo! But I don’t think that bothers him, he just does his own thing, the source revealed.

Mad Max: Fury Road has already been besieged with problems, Warner Bros. reportedly sent out superstar producer Denise Di Novi to Namibia to oversee production after the project ran over budget and behind schedule.

George Miller, the director at the helm of the big-budget reboot, has suffered similar fate before; his last film Happy Feet Two also ran over budget and ended up flopping in the movie theaters.

It was enough to cause Warner Bros. to panic and make sure a close eye is kept on the maverick director.


He's not a method actor, Radaronline.