Who thinks it would be HILARIOUS if Justin Bieber yelled racial slurs at a disabled kid? BELIEBERS.

Justin Bieber spent time before one of his Chicago shows with Keenan Cahill, a minor internet celebrity (he makes lipsync videos) with Maroteaux-Lamy syndrome. The two made an annoying dance/lipsync video together, and Biebs gave him (annoying) segway lessons:

ff @:24 to hear Justin clearly say "crash into him - or not so clearly? Apparently this was up for debate earlier today -

To break it down:

01: Fans mishear "crash into him!" as "crash, n*gga!"

02: Fans find this HILARIOUS and SUPER SEXY

03: Fans are corrected, and actually mad their fave hasn't been casually throwing the n-word around at disabled youth

source: twitter | youtube | drbieber and ♥ ellenelles