What's On TV Synopsis of Downton Abbey 3x08

Lady Mary is shocked by this spoilery summary.

In the series finale, Thomas faces ruin when O’Brien’s smirking plotting leaves him without a reference. [OMG. SO HE DOES GET FIRED IN 3X07. NOOOOOO!!! THOMAS!!!!!] Bates has the potential to come to his rescue, but will he be able to help when he's busy decorating his new cottage with Anna?

Meanwhile, a fiery young relative, Rose, arrives at Downton. It's clear she's going to be trouble from the start, and wastes no time in proving it! It's not long before she heads to London to meet a married man. Matthew cautions her, saying that married men wanting to seduce young women have horrible wives. But will it deter young Rose? [lol. This plot sounds like it is going to be lolarious.]

Meanwhile, Matthew and Mary think about having a family [YOU GUYS. I THINK THEY ARE BOTH INDIVIDUALLY WORRIED ABOUT BEING INFERTILE, BUT NEITHER OF THEM ARE TELLING THE OTHER THEIR FEELINGS. JUST COMMUNICATE, YOU TWO.] and his lordship plots how to win the cricket match against the village...