Harry Styles asks Kate Moss for decoration advice + interview with Key 103


One Direction’s Harry Styles ‘Turns To Supermodel Kate Moss For Help’

1D star looking to decorate his new home…

One Direction star Harry Styles has reportedly been turning to Kate Moss for advice.

The ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ hitmaker is just 18-years-old, but already he’s splashed out on a £3 million north London home in the Primrose Hill area and has asked Kate for some interior decorating advice.

“Harry has a rough idea what he wanted the place to look like but didn’t really know where to a start,” a source told The Sun.

“'Kate has given him a list of her trusted furnishing contacts and her favourite shops and told him to get on to them.”

It’s no real surprise that Harry’s bought himself a lush 4-bedroom pad after he entered Heat magazine’s rich list along with his bandmates – Zayn, Niall, Liam and Louis – taking home over £20 million between them.

But while Harry is a bit of a bachelor, he doesn’t mind a bit of a feminine touch around the place, as it’s also revealed that the 38-year-old model passed on the number to get the best flowers.

“She’s even given him the number of her florist,” the insider told the newspaper. “Kate thinks Harry’s really sweet and she’s more than happy to help him out.”

Think the florist might come in handy when Harry plans on charming those ladies..


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