Blind Item: Actress a Lousy Lay?

This foreign born actress who is probably a B- list movie actress has A list name recognition and a huge following and legions of male admirers. She is moving back to the US which is causing her boyfriend all kinds of trauma. He had been counting down the days until his girlfriend left town after her current movie finishes filming.

He has grown tired of her always thinking she is smarter than him and correcting his grammar and table manners and why this is wrong and that is wrong. He also told a friend of his that once you get over the fact that you are having sex with_______, that it is really boring and very plain.

He had been seeing someone else when she was out of the country before and was really looking forward to being back with her, but just didn't want to be the bad guy and "the guy who broke up". The actress is talking about moving in and all he can think about is moving far away.

My Guess:Emma Watson and Will Adamovicz. She's currently in New York filming "Noah". He's back at college in the U.S. after spending a year at Oxford University. Is she returning to Brown for Spring Winter Semester?

EDIT: Yes, she is heading back to Brown