Scherzy News: Is Simon's Fave, Olly Murs' Crush, and Fitting In as a Londoner

X Factor: Nicole Scherzinger is Simon Cowell’s fave judge, and probably ours too!

Nicole Scherzinger is fast becoming our fave things about X Factor, and it would seem that Simon Cowell is in agreement.

A source told heat that Simon sees Nicole as the head judge and even calls her up to tell her how fab she is.

The source says: "He's been bombarding her with late night calls and texts, and gets in contact with her after each show for a low down"

"Sometimes it's as late as 3am in London"

At which point we would politely say, 'Simon, do pee off, we have beauty sleep to catch up on'.
However, Nicole is happy to chat and listen to Simon gush about what a great judge she is.

The source says: "When Simon sees recordings of each live show he gets in contact with Nicole to tell her that she came out on top. He definitely sees her as a head judge."

News we fear will further rile the *actual* head judge Gary Barlow, with whom things are already rumoured to be sour.

However for us, Simon is right (as ever), Nicole Is fast becoming the star of this year's show and has totally surprised us — she is absolutely hilaire!

Who knew she had it in her?

Nicole Scherzinger: I'm flattered Olly Murs has a crush on me

Nicole Scherzinger has admitted she is 'flattered' Olly Murs has a soft spot for her but says the Xtra Factor host knows nothing will ever happen as she already has her 'main British boy'.

The X Factor judge, who is mentoring the boys this year, has been dating F1 star Lewis Hamilton on and off since 2008.

After a successful guest spot on The X Factor last series, as well as being one of the judges on the US version, Nicole one a place on this year's judging panel alongside Gary Barlow, Tulisa Contostavlos and Louis Walsh.

And her position on the show has certainly turned many heads, one being that of Mr Murs.
Speaking of his undying affections for her, she admitted she was 'flattered' but believes it's just a 'school boy crush'.

'I’m flattered by Olly’s attention,' Nicole said. 'It’s very sweet. I’m sure it’s just a school boy crush and he’ll get over it!'

But Nicole praised Olly for his guts, admitting she rarely gets hit on by men while she's on UK shores as they all know she's Hamilton's girl.

The former Pussycat Doll added: 'I rarely get chatted up by British boys as most of them know that I’m taken by the main British boy. Lewis came to Saturday’s show to support me.'

Last week The X Factor's Jahmene Douglas opened up about his childhood in the press, explaining how he was so afraid of his violent father he thought each day could be his last.
He revealed he, his sister and two brothers lived in fear of their unemployed father, Eustace Douglas, growing up.

On Saturday night's show he gave a powerful rendition of Aretha Franklin's Say A Little Prayer.

And Nicole admitted it struck a chord with her as she praise his strength of character.

She said: 'I couldn’t help but shed a few tears on Saturday. I have so much compassion for him. What a brave boy. He is somebody who turns all those negatives into positives.'

And Nicole went on to say she hopes he manages to find a 'nice girl' while on the show.

'It’s been lovely to see Jahmene grow in confidence each week. He deserves all the happiness in the world. After everything he’s been though, it would be wonderful to see him meet a nice girl,' Nicole added.

Nicole Scherzinger Admits 'She Was Homesick', But Is 'Fitting In Well As A Londoner'

The judge says she now feels right at home...

X Factor's newest addition Nicole Scherzinger may have moved to London just recently, but the star has admitted that 'she already feels at home' in London and she has 'managed to battle any homesickness that she had'.

And the judge also revealed that she's added some accessories including fairy lights, candles and 'yummy' blankets to her place to make her feel more at home...

"For the first couple of days I was homesick, but I'm starting to find I'm fitting in quite well at being a Londoner. I love the people here, so that's really helped. And I've made my place a little bit more cosy with fairy lights and candles and yummy blankets," Nicole joked to more! magazine.

Adding, "I'm really liking it, actually. I didn't know what to expect - it's totally different from the US."

Nicole also spoke out about her relationship with Formula One racing driver Lewis Hamilton, saying that 'it is tough'. Aw!

The 34 year old said, "It is tough. It is challenging and it makes things interesting, but it works... you have to fight for it"

And despite being portrayed as rather crazy on the X Factor live shows, Nic insists that she may be a 'goofball' but is definitely not a 'crazy b***h'. Hmmm...

"I was trying not to take myself too seriously. But I’m actually a judge that cracks the whip when it comes to work – I go through everything with a fine-tooth comb. I’m very well-invested as a mentor. I take my job seriously and when I say I’ll give 110%, I’m going to do it.”

“I love having fun and I think it’s always important to have a sense of humour about life," Nicole continued. "I do work so hard, so that’s where the whole ‘crazy b****’ thing came from, but I want to bring energy and fun to the panel. I want to bring constructive criticism and expertise but also some kind of light-heartedness.”

Revealing that under all the glitz and glamour of her career, she's just a normal girl, Nicole added: "I think it’s natural that people would have misconceptions about me – they’ve seen me in the [Pussycat] Dolls and in my music videos, when I’m this sexy, fierce girl. And there is a side of me like that – I’ve got my Sasha Fierce in me. I’ve always had that.

"But then everyday I’m just a normal girl. I’m a goofball. I have a sense of humour and people don’t always get to see that.”

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