Your burning questions about Game of Thrones S3 answered!

Yesterday I was bored and tried something new on Twitter, a question and answer session fielding all your Game of Thrones-related questions. The questions came in fast and furious and I tried to get to all of them. I had fun though and hopefully our followers enjoyed it and found it informative.

For those who missed it or aren’t on Twitter, I’ve compiled all except the most spoilery questions and answers here for your reading pleasure.

Some of the most noteworthy answers imo:

Danerys storyline

do you know if Arstan Whitebeard and Strong Belwas will be in season 3?
Yes to the first, no to the second.

do you except them to do the whole arstan whitebeard plot?
I don't think so. I think he will just reveal himself right away.


Some rumors are going around that Talisa will be present at the RW. Do you know if that is that true?
Based on some tweets of hers, I would say, yes it is true. ugh imo

Theon/Iron Islands

Do you think they will move any of the Iron Island parts to season 3 or 4 or will we have to wait until season 5 or 6 for more?
I think we'll see some Iron Islands stuff in S4. They can't keep Yara on the sidelines for too long.

Will we get to see the Dreadfort?
Seems likely. They have to hold "Reek" somewhere.

Any plans for Yara Greyjoy this season?
I think she has a scene or two. Not sure what they will have her do.

Will we see Theon this season? Any word on a storyline?
Apparently he will be in 6 eps. Not sure what they will have him doing all that time. being tortured ofc!

Bran/Jon/northern storylines

where/how do you think the Reeds come in?
They will meet Bran and Co. on the road. Probably in ep 1 or 2.

Are they going to include the scene with Bran and co. at Queenscrown? Loved that scene from the books.
I'm sure they will. Bran has to do something this season! :)

Any word on Coldhands?
No official word, but I have a pet theory that he will be in this season and will be played by Burn Gorman.

which storyline will catch up with grrm first, and when?
I'm guessing Bran's. By the end of S4, potentially.

King's Landing and other storylines

think they will bother with Dontos this season?
No, I think he's been quietly shuffled to the background.

Do you think we will see the Bloody Mummers/Vargo?
Sort of. The Vargo character has been changed and renamed to 'Locke'

Edric storm? Are we going to see him?
Doesn't look like it.

Will Beric Dondarrion be a major character?
Define "major". He will definitely be in S3, prob appearing in 2 or 3 eps.

Do you think we will see this time the whole Riverrun fortress/castle?

Will Joffrey's wedding be in season 3?
I don't think it will, but some do. No rumors of it being filmed.

don't know if anyone's asked- The Hound? Need to see him!
He will be in this season.

Do you think we'll see a lot of Stannis/Davos/Melisandre in s3?
Not too much. They'll be in only a few eps this season.

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