Oops. Yet Another Downton Post. But I Found Pics from 3x07.

Queen Mary welcomes you into the post.

Ohhh noooooo. I don't like what is happening here!!! Although I think that it's only going to go as far as Thomas creeping and Jimmy waking up and being all "WTF". And then maybe Thomas being outed? IDK.

Bates is free from prison. Yay?

Anna waiting in the car for Bates to be released, I guess?

Anna isn't wearing her uniform, so I'm guessing that this is right upon Bates's return??

HM. I wonder what Branson and Mary are doing downstairs. Welcoming Bates home, maybe???? IDK.

Branson's brother who is looking pretty rough in the face. But more importantly, MARY! I really like this dress of hers too.