First real look at Bolg, a Goblin leader of the Misty Mountains

Recently we published in our columns an image from the 2013 calendar of the "Hobbit" Bolg to assess in more detail.
Well, imagine that Pierre-Yves Le Gall, a prominent member of our Facebook page , managed to get your hands on said schedule and sent us high resolution scans of the great Orc.

Note that in addition to his beard, mouth Bolg is stained with dried blood, which suggests that it engages in acts of cannibalism. In contrast, the beard seems to be his own and not a trophy taken from a Dwarf victim of his torture. Too bad because I liked the idea ...
Her green eyes very pale (yellow boundary) bloodshot are enough to make the boldest tremble. I can only imagine the appearance of Azog ...

To jog your memory
"Swiftly he returned, and his wrath was redoubled, so that nothing could withstand him, and no weapon seemed to bite upon him. He scattered the bodyguard, and pulled down Bolg himself and crushed him."
—The actions of Beorn, in The Clouds Burst, chapter 17 in The Hobbit

He probably looks better in motion because I'm getting Power Rangers vibes right now

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