Paris Hilton's Beauty Tips!

Pulchritudinous entrepreneur and icon of modern celebrity, Paris Hilton, gives you some wonderful tips to feel good, and keep yourself lovely.

Take A Personal Approach To Scent

Follow Paris Hilton's lead by choosing a fragrance that is meaningful to you. Paris chose Jean Patou's 1000, the first perfume she ever wore, because it was the scent her mother used when Paris was just a kid. Paris also wears Jean Patou's Joy, a reminder of another special person in her life -- she says it "just smells like my grandma," who passed away from breast cancer.

Of her venture into perfume making, Paris said, "I wanted to do a fragrance because I feel like it's such a big part of life."

Paris has released a number of different perfumes from her billion dollar fragrance line, including: Paris Hilton, Paris Hilton for Men, Just Me, Just Me for Men, Heiress, Heir, Can Can, Fairy Dust, Siren, Tease, The Passport Collection (Tokyo, Paris, South Beach, St. Moritz), and Dazzle.

Focus on Your Lips With Gloss

Get Paris Hilton's signature look by drawing attention to pink lips with a layer of lipgloss. One of Paris's favorites is Chanel Glossimer lipgloss in Astral #104 -- just the perfect touch of glitter. Smoky black eyeliner and soft blush complete this polished look.

On her days off, Paris likes to keep makeup to a minimum, with just mascara and gloss, like MAC Prrr Lipglass.

Indulge in Regular Facials

According to Paris, the secret to her fresh, glowing complexion is a weekly spa facial.

Although, not all of us have the means to go to the spa so often, we can all begin by practicing good skin care at home. Exfoliating treatments and a great moisturizer can make a big difference. Paris recommends her friend Kate Somerville's skin care line, saying, "I use all Kate's products."

Take Care of Yourself

According to Paris, "I just think it's good to just take care of yourself and get massages and drink water."

We could all use this beauty advice. Eating right, exercising, getting enough sleep, and drinking plenty of water all help you look your best. Massages are nice, but optional!

Start Young

Paris Hilton's skin care advice? Start young. Don't wait until your skin starts showing signs of aging, which might be sooner than you think. Get a good beauty regimen going, and always wear sunscreen -- you won't regret it!

Be Nice and Smile!

We can all learn a thing or two from Paris' smile. A sweet flash of teeth does wonders for your face, giving everything a natural lift and a soft sparkle. It's easy, it's free and it will change the way people see you. Nothing is more attractive than a girl with a polite demeanor and a positive aura!