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One Direction head to the studio as bad boy Harry gets pulled over by police.

Harry Styles was stopped by officers for committing a traffic violation before he was released after they recognised his curly hair

Harry Styles gets slagged off by his mates for having awful driving skills - but we don’t think the police were having much banter when they stopped the One Direction singer.

The mop-haired teenager was arriving at a recording studio in London yesterday when police asked Harry to pull over his Range Rover after committing a traffic violation.

And such are the perks of being in the biggest boyband in the world after people at the scene revealed how the singer was actually released when the officers recognised him.

In the photos below, Harry can be seen laughing as the traffic cops casually strolled back to their vehicles to probably tweet what just happened.

Harry, 18, famously pays a bank-denting £15,000 a year to insure his motor so unless he wants to rack up some points on his license like Louis Tomlinson, then we reckon he should be a bit more cautious.

Louis got caught speeding after leaving V Festival this year and was given three points, but says it was a huge mistake after the speed limits in the area had changed due to congestion.

Liam Payne bragged in an interview that he’s a better driver than Harry. Which is a normal bloke thing to do apart from the fact Liam didn’t own a drivers license at the time.

The 18-year-old made headlines earlier this week by revealing new tattoos, a cluster of small designs on his left wrist and the phrases 'Things I Can' and 'Things I Can't' on his forearms.

Bandmate Louis Tomlinson also revealed a new tattoo this week, it is thought to be his first and is a small stick-man near the elbow of his right arm.

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