Zayn Malik starts drama by tweeting love for Chris Brown song

The hunky "Bad Boy" has upset many fans with his Chris Brown love.

Rihanna may have forgiven Chris Brown, but it seems many One Direction fans aren’t ready to give him another chance just yet. Boybander Zayn Malik is facing backlash after tweeting his love for the R&B’s star’s new song, “Don’t Judge Me.” That seemed pretty fair, right. He likes Breezy's new single, and he has been a fan of Chris Brown's music for a while.

But his taste in music has caused controversy among some 1D fans, who think it's inappropriate for Zayn to promote Chris's music after he plead guilty to physically assaulting his on-and-off girlfriend Rihanna in 2009. Malik, 19, has previously spoken about being a fan of Brown, 23 — in fact, the One Direction singer has even covered his hit, “With You,” in the past.

“@zaynmalik No, definitely judging you,” wrote one fan. “How about you abandon Chris Brown & listen to more Frank Ocean.” Another tweeted: “@zaynmalik Chris Brown makes me realize that no matter how much I mess up, I’ll be forgiven if i dye my hair blonde and get 100 tattoos.” Another said: "stop tweeting zayn. he just tweets & leaves & fondles his ballsack to chris brown music"

Of course, some vocal fans also fought back on behalf of their idol. One said: "if you judge(d) Zayn for listening to Chris Brown, i'm fucking judging you." Another tweeted: "what the fuck seriously hop the fuck off his dick" One fan said: "Its the song he likes not chris brown's behaviour! Have a life u losers!"

The question is, should 1D fans be critical of Zayn's personal music choices? Some think that by Malik mentioning team Breezy on his Twitter wall, he is somehow promoting Chris Brown's music (and with it his personal life). Should Zayn have to hide his opinion of someone's music because people don't like all the baggage that artist carries away from the recording studio?

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