Mila Kunis' Lost Lisa Frank Commercial

Every actor has to start somewhere and for Sexiest Woman Alive Mila Kunis that was in a 1993 commercial for colorful sticker queen, Lisa Frank!

The ad is included in an excellent new video produced by Urban Outfitters, who visited the Tuscon, Arizona headquarters and were granted a rare interview with Lisa herself! Yes, she's a real person! Although to maintain her anonymity, the company's namesake is only seen in shadow.

"When I was little, I was totally a girly girl," Lisa says. "And I was a huge colorer. Huge! To keep me quiet, [my parents] bought the coloring books and the crayons and I would fill up the books and they'd have to buy me another one." In 1979, a 24-year-old Frank founded the company, which went on to cover every wall, book and backpack in the 1980s.

Three decades later, Lisa is more in love with her magical puppy company than ever! "I'm crazy! I'm a lunatic! I mean, we have to stop me and say, "OK, it's enough," because one illustration could have hundreds of hours in it," she says. "It's really a kind of madness."

And LF fans will go mad themselves because the video also includes a tour of the Lisa Frank warehouse, which holds one copy of every item they've produced, as well as all the original, pre-computer, sketches that later adorned your Trapper Keeper! Watch!

The Insider