Jennifer Lawrence And Josh Hutcherson Continue To Be The Sweetest By Posing With Fans At The Movies

When you’re fake-killing other teenagers in a massive televised bloodbath and juggling a love triangle, sometimes you just need a break. You want to take off your futuristic uniform, put on some regular clothes, and go to the local Atlanta movie theater to take in a screening of Here Comes the Boom, or maybe Argo if you’re feeling fancy. So, instead of Catching Fire set photos, what I have for you instead today is Katniss and Peeta at the movies.

Eagle-eyed Hunger Games fans spotted Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson at the local movie theater and managed to snap a couple pics with our favorite on-screen dystopian couple. It seems like the fans were pretty respectful, because Jen and Josh look really laid-back in these photos. In fact, I kinda love how Jen looks more excited than the fans she’s posing with. She has this big grin on her face like it just makes her day to have run into these guys. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: She really doesn’t seem to be bullshitting in her photos. When she’s freaking out at her Oscar nomination, you know it’s authentic.

One Twitter user, who I can only assume is friends with the girls above, shared her excitement at seeing Jennifer:

Yep, that’s about how I would respond. Then there’s Josh, cool as a cucumber even though he knows he’s most girls’ dream guy. Again, it’s so sweet that they’re willing to pose with fans even on their night off.

My Here Comes the Boom joke aside, I am curious as to what movie they were seeing. I know that House at the End of the Street is still out, but Jennifer strikes me as one of those actors who would find watching herself on-screen creepy. Maybe Looper or Taken 2?