Paging Amanda Bynes: Jennie Garth would like a word with you

Jennie Garth played the big sister to Amanda Bynes in the WB sitcom "What I Like About You." And in real life, the single mom of three is hoping to rekindle her bond with the troubled actress.
The 40-year-old told Us Weekly, "I tried reaching out to her and I haven't been able to reach her." She added, "My heart feels for whatever she is going through and I love her dearly." Garth has been in the news herself lately, as she went through a painful and public divorce to her husband, "Twilight" star Peter Facinelli.

The 26-year-old could use some support: The star hasn't worked since her role in the movie "Easy A," after she famously quit acting at 24, Bynes then "unretired" a month later to promote the movie. But after a DUI arrest and two alleged hit-and-runs, Bynes's BMW has been impounded, and her fortunes have changed. On Monday, Bynes pleaded not guilty to two counts of driving on a suspended license. She also faces a DUI charge and two counts of hit-and-run, and is due back in court Nov. 29.

Her publicists, agent, and lawyer have all walked away and she's not speaking to her parents, according to the magazine. For her part, Bynes told People magazine that she has once again left the acting profession to start a fashion line in New York. Bynes maintains that she is "doing awesome," but sources close to her told the magazine that "people around Amanda are really concerned about her" and that "she doesn't realize she has a problem."

Garth would not be the first celebrity to reach out to another star during trying times. The American rapper Eminem contacted fellow performer Sir Elton John for support fighting his addiction, because the singer and songwriter had also struggled with substance abuse.
Eminem said back in 2009, "When I first wanted to get sober, I called him, because he's somebody in the business who can relate to the lifestyle and how hectic things can be."

The unlikely pair of Mel Gibson and Britney Spears have helped each other during low points in their lives: Gibson came to the side of the pop star during her breakdown, reportedly taking her to dinner and flying her to his estate in Costa Rica. And Spears more recently returned the favor, offering the actor advice over his custody battle with ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva.

When Lindsay Lohan hosted "Saturday Night Live" in 2005, she was battling an eating disorder that did not go unnoticed. She recounted that castmember Tina Fey, who worked with her on "Mean Girls," and "SNL" producer Lorne Michaels held an intervention of sorts with the troubled star. "They sat me down," Lohan told Vanity Fair, "literally before I was going to do the show, and they said, 'You need to take care of yourself. We care about you too much, and we've seen too many people do this,' and I just started bawling. I knew I had a problem and I couldn't admit it."