SPOILER ALERT: Game of Thrones filming details about THAT PART in season three

A new report from Northern Ireland brings fresh details about the filming of a notorious event for season three of Game of Thrones. Stephen McDoodils was able to access the location in Moneyglass (a place previously used for Winterfell sets) and shared several pieces of information about what he saw there.

This set report contains several spoilers from A Storm of Swords. Major SPOILERS for season three will be under the jump. Proceed with caution!

It appears that filming is well under way for the Red Wedding, the biggest event in A Storm of Swords and one of the most defining moments in the A Song of Ice and Fire series. What sealed the deal in confirming that this was the RW being filmed? According to McDoodils:

What confirmed the “Red Wedding” for me was Mr Higgins revealing that [Imagine the Irish accent] “A massacre took place last night” and “major characters got their heads removed and sewed onto an ox.” I will admit I did laugh out loud at this point, obviously I explained what I thought it was.

Most likely, the landowner saw the corpse of a direwolf but didn’t realize that’s what it was, not being a fan of the show. It’s also possible that they did use an ox to simulate the gruesome head-swapping of Robb and Grey Wind, and that the ox will be CGI-ed into a direwolf in post-production.

McDoodils also observed battling extras and other details:

…it was still fantastic to see the Frey’s men battle it out with the Northmen. Before coming I had been told that there was to be gas men on set as thing were going to burn. This was confirmed to me immediately as the set was engulfed with “controlled” fire. The main focus of the scene was a wagon on fire rolling down a dirt road as the battle enraged around it. All the extras I seen were wearing generic gear, apart from one man who seemed to be wearing Lannister attire, the only reason I mention this is because this man has golden hair.

He also spotted a large banner with the sigil of House Frey and the Twins, confirming that this was the courtyard of the Freys.

UPDATE: We’ve learned that the Red Wedding will happen in episode 9 of season 3 and will be directed by David Nutter.

Ours is the Fury: Well, it’s happening! The Red Wedding is often cited as the moment people have been waiting for since the show began, and we’re almost there. It sounds like they’re pulling out the stops and not holding back on the gory details.


OMG, yesssss....but at the same time, nooooo :(  Though it fits in with previous seasons having important moments happen in the penultimate episode, I really wanted the RW to be the season finale!