New York Comic Con 2012 round up ... kinda

I know that fwee_prower normally does the day by day coverage but I didn't really see any posts so ..... I kinda decided to submit a discussion post? I hope he doesn't kill me lol

I was there all 4 days , I had a blast tbh but my feet really hurt and shit like that.

So here we go


Pretty quiet but it was a good opportunity to get the best freebies and shit like that .

I didn't visit many panel aside from Archie and the upcoming Bravoman where I met the wonderful Rob Paulsen

*incase ya'll missed the guess who post*
He is a very very sweet man and it was such a blessing meeting him.

While visiting the Capcom booth I came across Hello Kitty Chun Li


then ran into some awesome cosplayers


Things officially kicked off and things were a bit crazy
I visited the Archie panel and got a free gift bag full of awesome Archie shit

I also went to visit one of my favorite people on the planet :) the talented and handsome Alvin Lee
I was pissed because I knew I wasn't gonna be able to commission him as originally planned but I purchased one of his prints and got it autographed. I always look to him for inspiration because he is such a talented artist.

Ran into the Power Rangers

Battle Royale chillins


Packed like crazy but I think the best costumes showed up that day

Kato <3

and this guy won all of the fucking awards tbh


Last day for swag and shit , I visited the Archie action panel and I damn near cried looking at the Sonic and Mega Man crossover stuff :')

Few more cosplay pics

Female Dictator!! BOW!!!

Best for last tbh

Source me

I hope that fwee_prower doesn't hate me lol , looking forward to his coverage tbh

Did anyone else attend?