Tulisa Contostavlos believes Caroline Flack and Harry Styles were right for each other 👦💘👵

Tulisa Contostavlos reckons the backlash her mate Caroline Flack got for dating Harry Styles was out of order and says they were perfect together, despite the 15-year age gap. Speaking to this month’s We Love Pop magazine, the 24-year-old, left, says:

“I’ve had them both in my house at the same time and I’ve spent time apart with them as well. Harry is a very charming young man and he has enough intelligence to maintain a relationship with a slightly older woman.

"Caroline is a very sensitive, fun, young-at-heart person. So the combination of the two made sense to me. If you know them, there was nothing creepy about it.”

And Tulisa also admits the reaction to their relationship wound her up.

“People are so judgmental,” she says.

“She is one of the loveliest people I know. She has such a good heart and if people knew what she was like as a person they’d know it was nothing like how some people have made out, y’know, all cougar-ish and creepy. It’s not like that at all.”