Another edition of Groupie Tales

André 3000

(Tale #1) - Dude is really gentle, he's an easy lover. You can tell he's not into fu*king, but making love. I gave him a massage, admired his tattoo of the man, woman and child on his back, as well the 7 and star on his chest and the possum on his arm, played with his hair watched Mobb Deep performing on some late night show. He made me take off this crayola colored wig I had on (I was a weird dresser myself), and admired all the hair I had underneath it. He's a toe sucker and a FIRE-ASS pu**y licker! Andre is hung, and he knows it. He wears tight whites, too (so cute). So if you see a bulge in his pants, it's real, it's really real!! As for his technique, he's very easy going. I kind of expected some freaky-deaky voo-doo feather fanning incense burning 'Ommmmmm' sex- but no. He's like a boyfriend, he gives you what you want, gets what he wants, he's verbal, but not vulgar. He's just a grown man about it all. He's one of the ones you'd let spend the night. He's one of the ones you JUST MIGHT get up and cook some breakfast for :-) After leaving, my homegirls said that the band said Dre never gets down with 'groupies'. They kept asking if I modeled and said that I was real fly. Oh yeah, and he walked me out - damn, I should have stayed the night, but I was the Designated Driver, and still an all around 'Good Girl'. That was the wildest thing I've ever done.

(Tale #2)
How did you meet? - We met the year of 2004 at an after party for Outkast after they won their Grammy's for The Love Below/SpeakerBox. He approached me. This was in Los Angeles. I was next to their manager Blue and L.A. Reid.

How was Andre in bed?

I don't know what the other girl was talking about but he was really rough with me. He was really into my nipples. He does have all those tattoos that the other girl mentioned, except that was a long time ago and when I slept with him it was more recent, he wasn't wearing strange outfits or wigs. He did have these beads on his neck that he left on. He wore boxers and not tighty whities like the other girl stated. He must have changed over the years. He didn't lick/suck my toes but I did take his boxers off and he is kind of large. But I realized that his penis was crooked. Its not pretty at all. That turned me off. I just wanted him to put it in me already. He did kiss me and he did kiss me alllll over. He made sure to get me nice and ready. He put his fingers in me and did his thing. I wouldn't say he was a fire-ass p*ssy licker, I think that girl was tripping. I was put off that he would go there and not know me at all because I believe that kind of sex is better saved for a "girlfriend" type and he should know how to get down with a one night stand! He is an okay lover. Not great. And his penis wasn't all that. His body is skinny and he slouches. I forgot to mention that he fell asleep afterwards too. That part was so lame. Wait, and he was cheap! He was a real cheapskate too.

Do I consider myself a groupie?

No, he was after me! For all I know and with all the information I gathered, Andre 3000 is a groupie himself. He is a groupie that sleeps with everything and anything that moves. He is a groupie for his groupies when he needs to focus on his acting abilities because he is the whackest actor out there. Maybe if he's go to acting class he wouldn't have looked so stupid in Revolver and Idlewild. He needs to stop messing around and get his act together.

Shannon Brown (This reportedly happened before he was Monica's husband)

We weren't some random people & this wasn't some random tryst. There was such a build up to this moment...looks, words, everything..we wanted it bad. We met up at the hotel where the opposing team stays while playing in my city...he opened the door all cool we had small talk watched a lil tv then came the,"So yea what was all that shit you been talkin?" I instantly just lost it internally I was nervous as hell...cause I didn't want this to be a failed mission cause I don't get it in like that & I hate wasting my goodies. Well he stood me up off the bed started kissing me...I almost died!!!

Clothes started hitting the floor around us then he stopped & went to the bathroom I jumped in the bed & took off my delicates. He came back dropped them & there it was HUGE!!! Never in my life had I seen something that beautiful. He climbed on top of me & started kissing me all over he was saying something but I was too gone to here it. He started kissing all on my thighs and getting me hot playing with it teasing the shit out of me till I couldn't take anymore I told him just put it in already cause I can't take it anymore. He put it in and I swear I almost stopped breathing this rush just came all over me I felt like a virgin all over again. It hurt but in a good way I couldn't help but bite his shoulder as he started to stroke me slowly taking his first. Then the sh*t talking started.

I thought I was handling it till he started pushing my legs back & he hit this spot that I never knew existed. I started running and he kept pulling me back until he just put all his weight on me so I couldn't move. He just stared me in my eyes and kept saying,"Look at me stop moving you said you wanted it...take it." I tried I did but his d*ck was just to powerful...that was "Daddy D*ck" in all its this very moment I realized I had never been d*cked down right before...and after this I would NEVER be the same.

I felt like I was in a dream until I heard,"Baby what you doin? You keep running from me. Let me f*ck you...or you want me to make love to you? Is that it? Just tell me." Then he kissed me like no one ever had before I could answer then flipped me over & got me from the back.

I collapsed at first but I couldn't let him win I had to throw it back no matter how much I couldn't take it. That man f*cked me till I couldn't take anymore....toe sucking, hair pulling, ass smacking. Well as you can see I was served & I will forever be hooked. No matter who I'm with I always think of that night. My night with Shannon Brown was what wet dreams are made of.

Rick Ross

Where did you meet?

I was on South Beach with my girls and were club hopping the beach. We went into a club names "Dream". In the club that night was D. Wade, Slim Thug, Udonis Haslem and few others. And there was also Ross. Me being a woman who doesn't really go for the bigger type men, didn't pay him any attention at first. But as the night went on and being in his presence, it's like he has a swag about him that captures you. At the end of the night when me and my girls were standing outside the club waiting for valet to bring our cars around, a guy tapped me on my shoulder and asked me to step back in the club for a minute because he wanted to ask me something. So I step back in and there he is Mr. Swag himself (Rick Ross). He asked me if he could call me and I said yes. We spoke for a few more minutes then I went to retrieve my care. About a half hour later I got a call on the Iphone from a number that was unknown to me. I answered and it was Ross; he asked if i was still on the Beach and I told him yeah me and the girls were getting breakfast at Denny's. He then asked me to come to his hotel on the Beach. I told him I would call him back in a few minutes after I arranged things with my girls and made sure everybody got a ride home, because I wanted to keep my car with me (you never know if you gotta jet out of there. So after a few minutes I called back and he gave me his location and I met him there.

What was it like?

When I went up to the hotel room door and he answered and at that moment I was thinking maybe dude is too damn big for me. He grabbed my hand and pulled me into the room. We sat and talked for about an hour and drank champagne (me getting tipsy and horny as the minutes passed). Then he asked me if I was staying the night, I was like the night is over, but I'll stay the morning. I told him I would stay if he behaved himself, he said ok. So asked to take a shower he said yeah why not. I didn't want to get in his bed smelling like a club when he's smelling all fresh and stuff. After my little shower I walked back into the room with a towel wrapped around me and laid next to him in the bed. He was smoking a blunt in his boxers and no shirt on. I was thinking big, but sexy. We were talking and bullshitting and then lights, camera, ACTION. He was feeling and rubbing me down and I was just purring like a kitty. This man rubbed and played with my clit until I came. Before I went for the boxers I said a little prayer, please let him be a decent size, but before I could touch it, he turned me over and slipped on a condom and entered me from the back. As he fucked me, I was like ok this bitch gotta have a big ass dick cause he was beating my fucking back out. I haven't been fucked like this in a while. He told me to stand up (he was already standing) so I had to get a peek at the product. When I looked back I was like Whoa!! Me being a sucker for a big dick, I kind of pushed him back slid to the floor and just had to give him some head, that dick was so big black and pretty, I couldn't help myself. From that point on Ross was getting fucked by me. I controlled the situation. His stamina was superb and when fucks, he talks dirty. he was very confident with his fuck game all the while saying "you like this dick" and the way he stroked this kitty, oh boy. It made me rethink a few things and no more stereotypes about fat boys with little dicks. The man is amazing on bed, thorough and no mistakes. He loves to put all his dick in you and he don't stop until he's hitting that spot. Ross has got to be one of the best fucks I've had in a long time.

Nicki Minaj

I met Nicki Minaj at a show she had here in Wilmington, North Carolina about 2 to 3 weeks ago. She was performing her version of "Freaky Gurl" and me being a freaky girl, it turned my ass on; plus I'm bi-sexual so I just had to meet her. An old friend of mine knew the promoter who introduced us to Nicki. When she saw me she was ready to just sign another autograph and be done with it, but I shook my head no and bit my bottom lip and looked at her in "that way" (the ladies know what I'm talking about). She was like "Oh, We got a bad bitch right here". She handed me a room key and asked me for my blackberry and put her number in it.

I honestly didn't believe Nicki Minaj was the big freak she talked about in her songs about being bi and all that, but she was. I arrived at her room and she was masturbating while Lil' Wayne played in the background. (IDK what the fuck was up with that) When she noticed, she kind of moaned and spoke at the same time telling me to come eat it. I did it for about fifteen minutes and it felt like my tongue was floatin' in peach flavored pudding. When she came she tried to bit her lip but ended up yelling in pleasure anyway. She then pushed me on theand fucked ground and pulled some huge ass dildo/vibrator/strap on from under the couch and bent me over on the floor n almost stroked my ass to death. Home girl had me bussin several nuts. I gave that bitch 4 1/2 stars; because she was masturbating to Lil' Wayne.

Honestly, I would like to say I wouldn't do it again, but if she hit me up I'd come running!!

I think most ONTD users have read the numerous Drake stories and Jared Leto's 'hurts like satan' story. But, I know some don't know about the legendary Allen Iverson groupie tale:

What’s your story?
I had a one-night stand with Allen Iverson. He was recording his album and I happened to be at the studio. One of my homegirls was into one of his homeboys. There was four bitches there and he was like, "I wanna fuck somebody for the night."

Why you?
Iverson told me he picked me ‘cause I was the only one "not up under his ass."

How was it?
He has the littlest, ashiest dick I’ve ever seen. It’s like, nonexistent. He looks like he should have a pussy. And it’s dry. I would give him four inches at best, and skinny.

So what happened?
We wound up back at his hotel. It wasn’t even worth taking my clothes off for. I ended up leaving before it was over. He didn’t cum, and neither did I, so that’s why I left.

How did you meet Method Man?
He hollered at me while he was filming a video. He picked me up later from the club after he left the studio and we went back to his hotel, and it was on from there.

What was he like in bed?
He talks a lot. Method Man is a very interesting character. He’s a beast in bed, he likes to spank and tell you to lay down, do this, do that. He’s got a nice size. He’s the real one. Very controlling. He likes to hit it from the back while he pulls your hair.

Why did it end?
It just did. I mean, he’s married. We’re still cordial, though, whenever we see each other.

Since he’s famous, were you worried about him fucking other girls?
I didn’t care. It was just a sex thing.

Were you more attracted to him as a person, or because he’s famous?
I was attracted to him as a person. I ain’t into no fame shit, it just happens.

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