Iamamiwhoami - Queen Elizabeth Hall, London


Swedish electronic experimentalists Iamamiwhoami have been confusing and dazzling YouTube viewers with their work since the end of 2009. The project created a huge buzz amongst fans during their early videos as no one knew who was involved, with many viewers thinking that it was Gaga's next step, or even a new direction for dirrty girl Christina Aguilera

It eventually came to light months later that the bizarre and enthralling videos were fronted by singer-songwriter Jonna Lee. Jonna had previously released a couple of very decent studio albums between 2007 and 2009, travelling a more mainstream path and had performed numerous shows around the world, with the Fix viewing London and Austin dates during this period. 

Iamamiwhoami's initial music videos were all titled by number, with their later work using letters, which ended up spelling the word 'Bounty'. Jonna and her team vanished for a few months after the Bounty project ended, popping up with more videos between 2011 and 2012, with the tracks eventually collected as debut album Kin.

Iamamiwhoami streamed a very, very odd live show from a forest back in 2010 and performed at Sweden's Way Out West Festival the following year but so far live dates have been few and far between. This meant their first London set at Queen Elizabeth Hall as part of the Ether Festival was a real hot ticket and their were plenty fans of in attendance, excited to hear the Iam.. tracks live.

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Jonna spent the first few songs almost shrouded in darkness, with her manic dancing silhouetted, with the stage getting brighter as the evening went on, revealing the singer's captivating otherworldy presence in its full glory! Jonna was a joy to watch, with her theatrical performance demanding your attention, especially when she decided on a couple of occasions to get closer to her audience, making her way to the back of the auditorium for a brief hello to her fans mid song! The set was pulled from the current album and the Bounty tracks, including a fantastic 'Goods', a track that's currently making waves on BBC6 Music and XFM. 

The only negative point regarding the show was the venue itself, as a seated theatre with fairly strict security isn't the perfect venue to take in a set featuring heavy electro tracks. It was alright during the quieter moments earlier on but it was obvious the audience wanted to dance as the night progressed, with many of them eventually deciding to take to their feet, leading to the majority of the crowd dancing by the time an encore appeared, leading to a standing ovation as Iamamiwhoami took a well deserved bow.

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I was there and she and the rest of the band were incredible! :D