One Direction Talk About Splitting Up And Getting Married

One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson has spoken about the group having ‘a year apart’, but don’t worry as it’ll be way off in the future, and apparently he reckons that during their split Niall Horan will probably come back married.

The boys sat down with MTV, where they spoke about attending Dermot O’Leary and James Corden’s recent weddings, and they were asked about who they think would be the first up the aisle.

Harry Styles, 18, took himself out of the equation but did suggest that newly-single Liam Payne could be the first to get wed.

“I think it will be Liam because when he likes someone, he like really likes someone.”

But Liam quickly deferred that onto Zayn, who is currently dating Little Mix star Perrie Edwards. “I reckon Zayn will do it spur of the moment.”

With Niall saying: “Zayn would get married in Vegas.”

Louis, who is dating model Eleanor Calder, then said: "I don't know who I think it would be, but I would love it to be Niall.

"Imagine we just go away, have a year apart, doing whatever, all doing different things and come back and Niall's just got married. I can see that happening."

"You know when Niall says things that he doesn't really mean and he just comes out with them? Imagine him doing that: 'Will you marry me? S**te! I didn't mean to ask her that'.”

Well Louis, while we think it would be amazing if Niall just got hitched, but we’re not too keen on this ‘year apart’.