Jonas Brothers New Single: About Miley Cyrus?

October 11th was the night of the sold out Radio City Music Hall concert, by the newly reunited Jonas Brothers. The show has been hyped for months as the JoBros big return to the music scene, and they definitely didn't disappoint. They played all their old hits, along with three new songs, First Time, Wedding Bells, andLet's Go. Their new song, Wedding Bells, is rumored to be about the tumultuous relationship between Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas. [GREATEST COUPLE EVER]

Their new single features the lyrics,
"She says, can you keep a secret
A ceremony set for June
I know it's a rush but I just love him so much
I hope that you can meet him soon

The Jonas Brothers have yet to comment on the origins of the song. But I am sure that the truth will be out eventually.

ETA: Here's the speech Nick gave about the song!