Harry: Zayn's the most good looking in One Direction

( From left to right: Liam, Louis, Niall, Zayn, Harry )

Which sexy member is the hottest?

Who's the hottest in One Direction?


Whilst Harry Styles' has female fans all over the world, the One Directioner insists he isn't the hottest member of the band- that honour has to go to the "good looking" Zayn Malik.

The curly haired lothario has been showing Zayn a bit of man love. Speaking to Dave Berry and Lisa Snowdon on the Capital Breakfast Show, Harry was quick to say he didn't think he was worthy of the 'One Direction's heartthrob' title:

"I think the most good-looking guy is Zayn, with the cheekbones and the jaw.”

He's a man of few words but we're sure Zayn is thrilled with the compliment!

Meanwhile Zayn and Harry's bandmate Liam Payne has also been speaking love and looks as he insists he ISN'T dating Leona Lewis. Liam was rumoured to be hooking up with the X Factor winner following his split from long term girlfriend Danielle Peazer but today the singer has sorted out all the speculation.

During his guest host slot on Gemma Cairney's Radio 1 breakfast show today (October 6) Liam was asked if he was single, to which he responded: "I am indeed".

He later added: "I'd like to highlight the fact that I am currently single."

Pressed on a past comment he made when he said the 'Bleeding Love' singer was his celebrity crush, he conceded: "This is true... She's hot, yep." But when Cairney asked him if they'd ever gone on a date, he confirmed: "No."

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