Gary Barlow is rude to Nicole Scherzinger, Ginger Spice

Nicole Scherzinger stunned viewers when she chose Rylan Clark to be in her final three Boys on The X Factor.
And while she certainly believes in the Essex wannabe, her fellow judge Gary Barlow certainly doesn't think he can sing.
Appearing on tonight's episode of The Jonathan Ross Show, when the host brought up Rylan, Gary said: 'Come on Nicole, you’ve got ears.'
Defending her act, Nicole replied: 'His voice has grown and he’s not a big ballad singer, he’s a great performer.'

Despite disagreeing over her act and their jousting on the panel, Gary insists the judges are actually quite close in real-life: 'I think we’re all quite protective of each other although the gloves do come off on a Saturday night.
'We have a go at each other, we have a few jokes and we pick on each other, but none of it comes off the stage. It’s all for the fun of the show.'

Despite clashing with Geri Halliwell when she was guest judge during the auditions, Gary insisted he was fond of the former Spice Girl.
He explained: 'I've known Geri for a long time, she is a sweetheart, but I think she arrived that day thinking, "I've got a job at last," and she really went for it and the producers were loving it and telling her to go more and of course there’s the result right there.'

Gary managed to surprise Jonathan Ross by admitting he liked to drink while filming ITV2 spin-off The Xtra Factor, which goes out live following the shows on ITV1.


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