Nicole Scherzinger gets death threats for her controversial Rylan Clark support

It's déjà vu all over again as Nicole Scherzinger is once again getting death threats for her controversial choices as an "X Factor" judge.

In December 2011, when she was a judge on "The X Factor" U.S., Scherzinger said she got death threats for casting the deciding vote to eliminate teen contestant Rachel Crow, which caused a deadlock among the judges. The elimination was then decided by which contestant got the lowest votes from the public. Crow had an emotional breakdown on stage when she found out she was eliminated. Scherzinger was loudly booed on stage, and she got a lot of criticism from viewers for not casting a vote to save Crow. It is widely believed that the viewer outrage over Crow's elimination and Scherzinger's subsequent meltdown on the air and behind the scenes (she sobbed backstage for more than half an hour, according to Crow) led to her being fired from the show in January 2012.

Scherzinger joined "The X Factor" U.K. in June 2012, as a replacement for Kelly Rowland, who left the show in April 2012. Scherzinger was reportedly not the first choice of "The X Factor" executive producer Simon Cowell, who is said to have wanted Dannii Minogue to return as a judge on the show. Minogue said she turned down the offer because she wanted to remain based in Australia for the sake of her son, Ethan.

Now, in October 2012, Scherzinger is getting a firestorm of criticism for choosing to keep off-key drama queen Rylan Clark in the competition and for eliminating what many people believe are more talented contestants Adam Burridge and Nathan Fagan-Gayle (also known as Starboy Nathan). Scherzinger chose Burridge to be her "wild card" candidate competing against three other eliminated contestants (Times Red, Christopher Maloney and Amy Mottram) for the public's votes to re-enter the competition. The results of the voting will be revealed on October 6, 2012.

Scherzinger talked to The Sun about the death threats, and she hinted that the controversy over Clark has all be calculated in order to please Cowell: "Last year I had death threats on 'X Factor USA.' That kind of ruined me. I didn’t want to leave my hotel room. I didn’t know that people could conjure up such thoughts — so hateful.

"It really frightened and scared me when I got death threats so it upset me to hear Rylan had to go through that pain. To read some of the comments he has had hurt me too. People need to give Rylan a chance. Everyone that gets to know him has a great fondness and affinity with him. This is the number one show in the UK so we do have security ...

“I must be making Simon Cowell proud because controversy is his favourite word. I chose Rylan because the show is about having the X Factor and he has the X Factor. It is not just a singing show. Rylan has already said he is not trying to be Whitney Houston or a big ballad singer — he wants to be a dance artist.”


rme people are too invested in these shows tbh