Obamas, Romneys sit down with Oprah

10/3/12 2:43 PM EDT

A day after Oprah Winfrey interviewed President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama in July, she sat down with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his wife, Ann, at their lake house in New Hampshire.

Romney, wearing jeans and a button-down, looks very relaxed in a just-released photo from the sit-down. Among the topics he discussed with Winfrey …

( Lol at this rehearsed ass picture , somebody please put a funny caption on it cuz Oprah's face is like " ummm k " )

What he likes about Obama: “Well, I’m glad he got Osama bin Laden, that’s one.”

His dream career growing up: “As a little boy, I wanted to be a policeman.” ( I wonder why )

And his favorite food: “Meatloaf cakes and mashed potatoes. Best thing in the world.”

And Obama, interviewed at the White House, told Winfrey …

What he likes about Romney: “…the healthcare bill that he passed in Massachusetts. It was great.”

His response to critics: “… I say, I’m not done yet.”

And his favorite song: “Anything by Stevie Wonder. ‘Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing,’ because I can sing the whole thing verbatim.”

Both interviews will be featured in the November issue of O, The Oprah Magazine, which hits newsstands next week.


Don't forget about the debates tonight you guys , if you have gently used wigs or know anybody that has some please be kind enough to donate them to the Romney/Ryan foundation because they will both be bald after Obama and Uncle Joe get through with them.....

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If ya'll are still around you can watch the debate here