Paris Hilton and River Viiperi; Arrested Development.

update of this misinformed, tacky post

Paris Hilton is telling her close friends that she didn't make out with another girl before her new boyfriend, River Viiperi, was arrested for allegedly punching another club-goer at the XS nightclub at the Encore Hotel in Las Vegas.

"Paris is steadfast that she never made out with another girl at the nightclub in Las Vegas. Paris is very upset that River got arrested because it was his first trip to Las Vegas. Paris took River to Las Vegas to celebrate his belated 21st birthday," a source close to the couple exclusively tells.

"According to Paris, another couple had been harassing them at XS, and the guy was getting to close to the pulchritudinous entrepreneur, and River just shoved him away from his girlfriend. River didn't hit the dude, he was just protecting Paris and trying to give them a little space," the insider added.

Las Vegas Metro Police Department responded to the scene, and River was arrested for misdemeanor battery. He was then taken to the security offices of the Encore Hotel to be processed. Viiperi was given a desk ticket with a court date, but was never taken to the police station. Hilton went to their car and waited there for River, and Paris' brother, Barron, waited for her boyfriend to be released by the cops.