Kara Alongi "Call 911 Girl" isn't missing; called taxi and left voluntarily

Authorities say it appears that missing N.J. teen Kara Alongi's Sunday evening tweet about a home intruder was a hoax. Police have discovered that a taxi was called to her New Jersey home the same time she made the tweet.

Alongi, 16, gained hundreds of followers after asking people on Twitter to call 911 on Sunday evening. People re-tweeted her message and the hashtag "#helpfindkara" trended on the social network.

The Union County Prosecutor's Office said a cab driver positively identified Alongi as his passenger and told officials he drove her to the Rahway train station.

Alongi's parents called Clark police when they returned home and saw she was gone. The teenager is still missing.

The prosecutor's office says Alongi might feel she'll be in trouble for causing a panic. However, authorities said all everyone cares about is seeing her home safe and sound.

Clark police are now investigating her disappearance as a juvenile runaway case, according to the New York Daily News.

Alongi's tweet went viral overnight, with thousands of messages about Alongi's reported disappearance and efforts like the hashtag #helpfindkara trending nationally on the site. As of 10:45 a.m. today, Alongi had more than 94,000 Twitter followers.
    Clark police were flooded with an estimated 6,000 phone calls after Alongi's tweet spread across the internet.

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