Benedict Cumberbatch On Playing 'Smaug The Dragon' In THE HOBBIT Trilogy

The Sherlock star talks briefly about bringing 'Smaug' to life on the big screen in Peter Jackson's return to Middle-Earth, commenting specifically on what it was like to work with Weta's motion capture equipment and exactly how much of him we'll see in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

"It’s very freeing, once you put the suit on and the sensors," Benedict Cumberbatch told Total Film in a recent interview when asked about how it feels to bring 'Smaug The Dragon' to life on the big screen with the use of motion capture technology. "I’ve never felt less encumbered, actually. And you have to be. You have to be free."

He adds, "You just have to lose your shit on a carpeted floor, in a place that looks a little bit like a mundane government building. It was just me as well, with four static cameras and all the sensors. Then the boys at Weta work their magic."

With The Hobbit now set to be a trilogy, the fact that the second instalment was renamed The Desolation of Smaug makes it fairly obvious that that is when we'll see the iconic character make his big screen debut. However, the actor went on to reveal that fans should keep an "eye" out for him in An Unexpected Journey too. "I think my eye will open at the end of the first film, and then you’ll get the rest of me in the second."