Catherine Tate continues her streak of dating unexpected people

Remember the all too short-lived couple that was Catherine Tate and Jason Orange?

Well, let yourself be  introduced to CHADRIAN.

They've been friends for years, but it now looks Adrian Chiles and Catherine Tate's relationship has blossomed into something more.

The former Daybreak presenter and Doctor Who actress were photographed cuddling up to each other during a holiday in America.

The couple were spotted indulging in some public displays of attention in a public park in Los Angeles, and at one point Chiles tenderly drew the comedienne in for a long hug as they laid on the grass.

At one point they embraced, and they were both spotted looking relaxed and happy as they joked around with each other. 

They were certainly relaxed with each others company, and Chiles was seen sipping his coffee while Tate played with her phone. 

When they finally had to get up from the ground, Chiles awkwardly stood as he tried to balance his cup of coffee.

A friend of the pair told The Sun'They’re very happy together and love spending time with each other.'

Chiles and comedienne Tate have both been spotted together on several occasions, and she also appeared on his popular topical news series That Sunday Night Show. 

Chiles, who now presents ITV's football coverage, has been single since he split from his wife Jane Garvey in 2008.

Catherine split from her partner Twig Clark, a stage manager last year. They have an eight-year-old daughter together, Erin. 

The actress, who is a regular on the U.S. version of The Office, reportedly enjoyed a brief Take That's Jason Orange in late 2011.

Representatives for both Catherine and Adrian have been contacted by the MailOnline for comment.