Ausiello blind item: Beloved leading lady to die

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You know how hard you usually work to figure out who our blind items are about? You may not wanna do that today, because once you figure out who this one’s about, you’re probably not gonna like it!

You see, a longish-running (more than four seasons but fewer than nine), 60-minute series is gearing up to bump off one of its lead female stars. Even more upsetting, the soon-to-be-deceased is going to meet her maker off screen, in a car accident. (Her “last” episode will take place at her funeral. Closed-casket, even!)

Mind you, that the actress in question is on her way out won’t come entirely as a shock — for awhile, the writing’s been on the wall, if not on her character’s tombstone. But, since you won’t get a chance to say a proper, sorta in-person goodbye, it’s highly likely there will be a bit of backlash.

I'm thinking Claudia Joy on Army Wives. Kim Delaney was gone most of last season and it's been reported she won't be coming back next year.