HAVEN MEGA POST! Season 3 Cast Interviews & Ratings for Last Weeks Premiere

-Talks about his new love interest
-Hints that Nathan might have joined the guard for other reasons than we might think
-The Chief might be coming back
-Nathans feeling for Audrey, and how much Nathan values Audrey
-How skin to skin touching works better for Nathan
-Talks about his bromance with both Eric and Adam. The Double D’s.
- The Colorado Kid storyline will play a major role
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Dorian Missick

-Talks about shooting the haunted house episode in an actual haunted house.
-The women on set going crazy around Jason Priestley
-Having more liberty then he does on “Southland”
-Duke and Tommy don’t really get along
-Tommy likes Audrey, they both understand that there is more going on then is seen

Bree Williamson

-Plays the towns psychiatrist
-Offers her services to Audrey and Nathan, after what happened to Audrey last season.
- Claire’s main focus is Audrey
Kate Kelton

-Jordon’s trouble is that she is like a taser (well that kind of explains the kiss with Nathan)
-Is a fan of the show, ships Nathan/Audrey
-Wasn’t hard to kiss Lucas
-Jordan and Nathans romance is a reluctant one.
-There is animosity between Jordan and Duke
-Adam does a very good impression of Nathan
-Jordan and Audrey work together for a common goal, involving Nathan perhaps?
Jim Dunn,Executive producer

-Explains how Nathan is basically Audrey to Jordan
-Season ends with a big cliffhanger (better come back for a 4th season then)
-Says that Audrey has only been in Haven for 6 month, it’s still 2010 in the show.
-The Colorado Kid storyline will play a big role to explain what happened that day, because no one seems to remember what happened that day
-Audrey’s time in Haven might be coming to a close to fit the cycle of the past.
-Things will be more complicated for Duke with his awareness of his trouble
-Role reversal of Duke and Nathan, which leaves Audrey on her own.
-Time travel episode to the 50’s, two cycles back for Audrey.

NEW YORK – September 24, 2012 – The season three premiere of Syfy’s hit drama series Haven became the #1 primetime drama on cable in Adults 25-54 during its telecast on Friday, September 21 from 10-11 PM (ET/PT).

The delivery of 899,000 Adults 25-54 was up 13 percent from the season two premiere and represented the series’ best delivery in that demo in two years (September 2010).

Haven also drew 2.0 million total viewers, up six percent versus the July 2011 season two premiere.

In the premiere, Haven picked up immediately following the events of the gripping season two finale with Audrey (Emily Rose) having been kidnapped; Nathan (Lucas Bryant) warned against pursuing a romantic relationship with Audrey; and Duke (Eric Balfour) seemingly engaged in a fight to the death with Nathan after he discovers his family lineage is to kill Haven citizens with Troubles.
This season’s guest stars include Iain Glen (Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey), Bree Williamson (Gossip Girl, One Life To Live), Laura Vandervoort (Smallville, White Collar), Edge (WWE Superstar), Dorian Missick (Southland, The Cape), Kate Kelton (Harold and Kumar, American Psycho 2), Nolan North (Uncharted video game series, Pretty Little Liars), and Claudia Black (Uncharted video game series, Farscape).

Following last year’s successful innovative Twitter campaign, season three will introduce online viewers to a new entity in the Haven mythology—The Guard. Mysterious and deeply entrenched in the history of Haven, The Guard has hijacked Haven social media channels to get their message out—if you are troubled, we can help #EscapeToHaven by @TheGuardHaven. The Guard—represented by Kate Kelton, who portrays ’Jordan McKee” — has taken over Facebook (facebook.com/haven), YouTube (youtube.com/syfyimaginegreater) and Twitter profiles for Haven (Twitter.com/TheGuardHaven), using these social media channels to tell the story of Haven, and to attract new “recruits” to Haven.
Haven, based on the novella The Colorado Kid from renowned author Stephen King, follows former FBI agent Audrey Parker, who becomes a cop in the small town of Haven, Maine, and soon discovers the town’s many secrets, which also hold the key to unlocking the mysteries of her lost past.