Queen Kelly Covers Queen Adele's "Someone Like You"

The sky has opened up. The oceans have parted. Queen Kelegend Clarkson has finally covered "Someone Like You" and brought peace on Earth. 

Kelly kicked off the first date of her Australian tour last night in Brisbane. Before launching into SLY she told the crowd "I've actually been avoiding this song. Literally every fan request has had this song on the list. I've been avoiding it because Adele might be one of the best singers of all time. It's very hard to cover people that are rad. It was also a big moment in her career, but I think it's been long enough. So, I think it'd be cool to do this song in honor of her. Hopefully I do it justice and I don't suck."


What do you think, ONTD? Love it? Hate it? Her vocals are heavenly, especially on the chorus. I love the way they changed up the arrangement instead of making it a typical piano cover.

Edited with a better video!