Ne-Yo discusses having to pay "an ungodly amoung of child support" for a child that wasn't his

Award winning singer/songwriter, Ne-Yo, recently appeared on an episode of VH1′s Behind The Music, where he discussed his rise to the top, finding his soul mate and raising a child he thought was his until his ex, Jessica White, called him after the paternity test results revealed that he was not the boy’s father.

"She just kept saying it over and over again to the point where I dropped the phone. Chimere’s not mine. That hurt because I had attached myself to this guy. This was my son. I don’t know. I’m looking at him and I’m like picturing getting old and this is my son… He’s not my son."

Ne-Yo said that even after the results revealed that he was not the biological father, he continued to be apart of Chimere’s life, and identified himself as the father in the state of California, where he raised him as his own for several months until White took him to court and won what Ne-Yo calls, an ungodly amount of child support, and disappeared.

"I didn’t care who the father was. In my mind I was still Chimere’s father. I was there when he was born, I saw him when he first came out, I held him. In the state of California if you put yourself out there as the father, the mother can then come after you for child support like you’re the biological father. We settled out of court for what I feel like is an ungodly amount and shortly after that Jessica and Chimere vanished."