Paris Jackson spotted with handsome Mystery Tween

Paris and her friends hit the mall in California.

She's endured the death of her beloved father and more recently been at the centre of a complex family feud.

But Paris Jackson looked like a carefree teenager at last as she hit a mall in Century City, California, on Sunday.

The 14-year-old was out with a group of friends including a mystery handsome young man in a Jimi Hendrix T-shirt.

The pair exchanged sweet glances, giggles and stood with their arms touching but it's unclear if it's a fledgling romance or simply a sweet friendship.

Paris was dressed casually in denim shorts, a grey tee, plaid shirt and Dr Martens.

She had lashings of her favourite black eyeliner and she let her brunette locks hang loose.

The daughter of the late Michael Jackson - widely recognised as one of the greatest performers in history - recent spoke out about growing up and her struggle to carve out her own identity.

She told US Glamour magazine: 'I love my dad, and I'm proud to be his daughter. I just don't think the title 'M.J.'s daughter' fits me.

'A lot of people think he's the only reason I'm making it, but I want to show that I do have talent and that I can make it if I try. I want to be my own person.'

Paris' decision to pursue an acting career - which has so far seen her cast in fantasy film Lundon's Bridge and the Three Keys - has been controversial among her family, with some supporting her, but others reportedly trying to keep Paris and her brothers, Prince Michael I, 15, and Prince Michael II, 10, out of the spotlight until they are at least 18.

Hinting at the tension within the Jackson family, she said: 'A lot of people don't want me to do it, but Aunt LaToya believes in me. She heard me play a little guitar and sing, and she started clapping, 'Oh my God, oh my God.'

'She really does encourage me; it's just awesome of her.'

Paris has also faced taunts from bullies at school, but remains defiant.

She said: 'A ton of kids at school have made fun of me; if I have to give advice to other girls, I would say, 'Hang loose and ignore them.

They shouldn't faze you no matter how popular they think they are.'