'Totally Biased': Mitt Romney Makes It 47% Easier For W. Kamau Bell To Mock Him

Like our favorite late night hosts, W. Kamau Bell has had no shortage of material on Mitt Romney. But now thanks to the infamous "47%" video, it's even easier to mock the GOP presidential nominee.

On this week's episode of "Totally Biased," Kamau talks about how much he loves the hidden camera scoop (which he compares to catching your dog drinking out of the toilet) especially the part where Romney delivers a joke about Whoopi Goldberg to a group of rich, white guys who then proceed to do the "rich white guy" chuckle.

That said, Kamau actually empathizes with Romney a little since he knows it's never easy to have to ask other poeple for money. As proof, Kamau offers a hidden video of his own revealing how he really got his show renewed by FX.

New episodes of "Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell" begin Thursday, Oct. 11 at 11:30 p.m. on FX.

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- "My daughter is adorable just look at her .... She is one of those mixed raced kids that every one likes. Please, you can have her. I can make another one. I've only known her a year."

- "What if I said white people's eyes turn red in photos because they're part devil"

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