7:55 pm - 09/22/2012

Jewish Goddess Post

She's been working hard in recent weeks, using her star power to back President Obama's re-election campaign.

But on Thursday Natalie Portman decided to concentrate on her family life, spending time with her gorgeous son Aleph.

The 31-year-old actress toted her one-year-old son while heading to a local gym in Los Feliz.

Natalie dressed down in a white T-shirt and jeans as she and Aleph made their way into the sports centre.

She accessorised her outfit with a pair of retro cat eye sunglasses, while little Aleph wore a blue T-shirt and checked shorts.

Natalie was accompanied by her parents Shelley and Avner on the day trip, who presumably were given the task of keeping an eye on Aleph while the Black Swan star worked out.

It was recently reported that Natalie, who was last seen on screen in 2011 movie Thor, is thinking more seriously about which projects she takes on because she wants to spend more time with her son.

A source told Us Weekly magazine: 'Natalie is being super choosy about her projects and taking more time off from acting.

'She has this glow about her these days. There’s been a change in her since the little man arrived.'

However, Natalie does have her finger in a few different pies at the moment.

As well as reprising her role as Jane Foster in the upcoming Thor sequel The Dark World, currently filming in the UK, Natalie has also signed up to appear in western movie Jane Got A Gun alongside Michael Fassbender.

She is also rumoured to be starring with Tom Hanks in the movie adaptation of Erik Larson's noel In The Garden Of Beasts.

All you social justice trash can stay out of this goddesses post and take your jealousy elsewhere.

invisible_cunt 23rd-Sep-2012 01:45 pm (UTC)
yes, because i clearly mentioned that it was a high school course
shut the fuck up, and stop making assumptions

it was a a full year university foundations course, where we, as i said, but you clearly lacking reading comprehension skills, studied islam twice a week for 3 months. but of course that doesn't matter, neither does it matter that i wrote a comparative essay on islam and judaism.

invisible_cunt 23rd-Sep-2012 02:02 pm (UTC)
again, you seriously have reading comprehension issues
never mentioned what year i took it in
but yeah, continue with your offensive and fucked up mindset of assumptions

but i stand by when i say that disagreeing with an extreme cultural interpretation of the modesty passages does not make me islamophobic. i disagree with many of the practices within my own religion, so i guess that makes me anti-semitic/self-hating based on the logic of everyone else here

freeze_i_say 23rd-Sep-2012 06:05 pm (UTC)
ilu keyurcar, you're so on point rn <3
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