Zayn Malik recorded directing hook ups to hotel for him and Harry

Uploader Enika Attawan says: "Here's an audio recording of Zayn Malik on the phone with two underage fans. These are fans he met at a signing, exchanged numbers with, and then called later that night to ask them to come to his hotel so he and Harry could have sex with them. I'm only publishing this because it's a) illegal for these men to take advantage of naive, vulnerable, and underage girls and b) disgusting that so many people look up to these womanizing bastards.

The girls in the recording will remain anonymous because they are underage."

Video transcript:

Zayn: Hello?
Girls: Hello?
Zayn: Yeah, just a quick... You know when you come in the hotel, yeah?
Girls: Yeah.
Zayn: Uhm, just walk straight in, stop, don't get involved with the people outside 'cause there are fans outside. You don't want to look like a fan. You walk straight in...
Girls: We don't want to get you in trouble...
Zayn: No, listen... Walk straight in.
Girls: Is there going to be like, security outside? Are they gonna let us in?
Zayn: No! Just listen to what I'm sayin'! Listen to what I'm sayin'.
Girls: Okay, go.
Zayn: There's fans outside, yeah.
Girls: Ok.
Zayn: 'Cause you don't want to look like a fan, yeah, so you'll just walk straight in and get in the lift (elevator). If they ask you who you are, say your name's Cristobel Riley (sic?).
Girls: Cristobel Riley?
Zayn: Yeah, that's your name.
Girls: Okay.
Zayn: Okay?
Girls: Okay. So where do I go and say my name's Cristobel Riley?
Zayn: No, you don't go anywhere. If they ask you who you are, then you say that...
Girls: Oh!
Zayn: Don't go anywhere, just get straight in the lift (elevator) and come up. Listen, how far away are you?
Girls: Twenty minutes.
Zayn: How?
Girls: I'm going fast, I don't know what you want me to do. Just wait.
Zayn: How far away are you?
Girls: Twenty minutes.
Zayn: Twenty minutes?
Girls: It's raining and I can't see.
Zayn: Oh, well Harry's saying you have to be quicker than that.
Girls: Alright... Tell Harry that we're coming.
Zayn: Ah, fifteen? Fifteen minutes is good.
Girls: Tell Harry he needs to wait.
Zayn: Harry, uh, if he wants booty, he has to wait.
Girls: Tell him to calm down, he'll get it
Zayn: Alright, just be as quick as you can, yeah.
Girls: Okay, we are.
Zayn: Listen, and you're coming to the 17th floor.
Girls: Okay.
Zayn: Alright, bye.
Girls: Bye.

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