Lochtepop Roundup: Meeting Lil Wayne and cameo on SNL next week?

Ryan Lochte heading to SNL?

LAS VEGAS — Summer Olympics superstar Ryan Lochte has been swimming in a sea of media attention ever since he returned from winning multiple gold medals in London. He's filmed cameos on TV shows, signed up for endorsement deals, reportedly partied with royalty in Vegas and most recently received the proverbial highest form of flattery via a sketch about him on "Saturday Night Live."

When MTV News caught up with Lochte before his introduction of Lil Wayne's energetic set at the iHeartRadio Music Festival on Friday, we asked if he'd heard anything from "SNL" after the sketch, like a call from Lorne Michaels or one of the producers to appear on the show.

"Yeah, they did [call]," Lochte admitted with a half-smile.

After getting excited for him for a minute, we then asked if he was readying his improvisational skills to make a cameo happen and, if so, when we might see his "SNL" debut.

"Well, hopefully next week I can, if it doesn't interfere with my training," he said.

That's right, folks: Lochte's media tour de force and gallivanting about Hollywood has to come to an end. The swim star admitted that he won't even be able to stick around in Vegas this weekend to play because he has to get back to Florida to get back in shape and focused on swimming. This does not mean, however, that Lochte isn't still interested in making the "SNL" opp happen. He even admitted that he's down to do whatever self-deprecating skit or parody the clever cast and crew comes up with.

"I hope [it works out]," he said.

Does he have any idea what he'd be doing on the show?

"We don't know yet."

Are there any limits to what he will and won't do? What is he game for?


source and Ryan's twitter

So excited he finally got to meet his idol! (but wtf is that jacket, Ryan?). Also I am here for the SNL cameo!