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Celebrities pictures that are 'FOR ALL' rights (Obama Campaign)
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d00ditsemily wrote in ohnotheydidnt

Zach Braff, Jessica Alba, Don Cheadle and Scarlett Johansson pose for the FOR ALL Obama campaign

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Post other celebrities 'FOR ALL' pictures and I'll update! Also post your own in the comments!

I wish these had sources.

the i know how black ppl feel is either allure or vogue, b/c she wrote a letter to the editor apologizing and being taken out of context

most of them are from her various interviews over the past five years. they've all been posted on ONTD so if you search her tag you'll find them.

I really love beautiful things and I actually don’t take issue with borrowing things for premieres. I don’t see it as me buying into consumerism because I really don’t shop at all. I’m obviously lucky to be in a position where people give me things.


you are a beautiful person.

I still have like the first ipod, like that’s what I still use. But I feel like those things come out…but I feel like it’s so wasteful to just like throw it out, like where do all the old ipods…I mean I’m embarrassed when I take mine out… but like dolphins are dying from like the…[is informed that they can be recycled]…Really? That’s good.

OMG lol this bitch

lol at this post with no sources. i'm not defending natalie portman, i couldn't careless about her, but i need receipts.

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