4:44 am - 09/22/2012

Britney's team "Livid" over Glee episode mocking her meltdown

Her manager Larry is "livid, not happy" with Glee.

Head shaving, umbrella attack on journalists, lipsyncing disasters, the VMA performance, Chris Crocker, cheetos / coffee & more were featured.

Britney Spears' handlers are livid after watching the stars of Glee ridicule the pop star's public meltdown just minutes after her latest appearance on The X Factor on Thursday night.

The latest Glee episode was billed as a second tribute to the Toxic hitmaker - but instead of just reworking the singer's hits on the show, creator Ryan Murphy and his writers recreated Spears' 2008 breakdown, even filming a scene in which Heather Morris' character, Brittany S. Pierce, attacks a high school journalist with an umbrella, and another where she lip syncs and appears distant and out-of-step brandishing cheetos and a soft drink during a performance. There were also allusions to head shaving.

The real Britney attacked paparazzi with an umbrella as they hounded her following a head-shaving incident - and Spears was savaged for an ill-conceived 2007 performance of Gimme More at the MTv Video Music Awards, where she appeared to be more than a little out of sorts.

Calling the drama a "low blow" during his Access Hollywood Live show on Friday morning, U.S. Tv personality Billy Bush revealed he had been in touch with Spears' longtime manager Larry Rudolph, who revealed he had not seen or head about the episode before it aired on the Fox channel.

Bush said, "I can tell you that Britney's manager, Larry, is livid. He's not happy."

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bostongirl2003 21st-Sep-2012 08:18 pm (UTC)
I think (hope) this thing is on it's last legs and gets cancelled soon.
maplelump 21st-Sep-2012 11:27 pm (UTC)
Trust me when I say: most of the fans agree with you.

My tumblr dash, ONTD_glee, and every glee com I follow on LJ, want this show to end. Some users have compared it to Chinese water torture.
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