Roscoe Dash is mad at Yeezy and Wale for not crediting him in songs

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"All the Way Turnt Up" Rapper Roscoe Dash is lashing out at Kanye West and Wale for using his contributions--but not giving him proper songwriting credit on the G.O.O.D. Music Cruel Summer album.  Check out Roscoe calling them out inside......

WHen he's not busy trying to mack Karlie Redd on "Love & Hip Hop ATL" (can we talk about how AWKWARD that was--felt like a mama macking to her own son), Roscoe Dash is busy writing club bangers for your favorite rappers.  And he's tired of not getting recognized for it.

Ghostwriting for rappers/singers is nothing new, but sometimes those folks behind the scenes want a little appreciation or credit for their contributions. Roscoe Dash is no different as he took to Twitter to blast Wale and Kanye West for ignoring his contributions.

Roscoe, who appeared on "No Hands" with Waka Flocka, got pissy after Kanye posted a video where he rattled off a list of people who contributed to the CRUEL SUMMER album.....and Roscoe did not make the list.

He also revealed that he wrote Wale's hit "Lotus Flower Bomb." Roscoe adds that in the industry you can't do people favors because they will "take" from you.  Hmm....

After his rant, and a phone call from Wale, he backed down and admitted he only wrote Wale's hook for the track. But he stood about being left of of Kanye's list.

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So far............Kanye hasn't responded.  But, Wale did tweet, "Nighas be wellin on twitter."  He mentioned no names but we already know....