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Watch Grizzly Bear on "Fallon"
Performing "Sleeping Ute"
By Evan Minsker on September 15, 2012 at 10:31 a.m.

Last night, Grizzly Bear played "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon". It was their second late night gig in support of their album Shields (out next week via Warp) after their performance at StePhest Colbchella '012. Check out their performance of "Sleeping Ute".


Watch Grizzly Bear Perform New Songs on WNYC
Four tracks from Shields
By Jenn Pelly on September 12, 2012 at 09:12 a.m.

Grizzly Bear's new album, Shields, is out next week via Warp. In support of the record, the band recently performed a set of new material on the WNYC program Soundcheck. Watch the half-hour studio performance and interview below.

The band's new touring keyboardist, Aaron Arntz, was featured during the set, which included "Sleeping Ute", "Yet Again", "A Simple Answer", and "Speak in Rounds".

Grizzly Bear's set also broadcasts on WNYC 93.9 FM on September 17 from 9 to 10 p.m.

Don't forget: Grizzly Bear play the Pitchfork Music Festival Paris, taking place at Grande Halle de la Villette from November 1-3. Day tickets are on sale, as well as weekend passes.

"Sleeping Ute"

"Yet Again"

"A Simple Answer"

I couldn't find a video for "Speaking Round". But you can watch the full video with that song at the source.


Turntable Interview: Grizzly Bear

It’s been three years since Grizzly Bear’s Veckatimest dazzled fans. Now their wildly anticipated follow up Shields is due in stores on September 18th. The band has released two singles “Sleeping Ute” and “Yet Again,” ahead of the full-length giving listeners a hint at the haunting melodies, anxious rhythms, and dreamy hooks that make up the 10 tracks on the album. The band’s frontman, Ed Droste, swung by to chat about the writing process, Beyoncé, why he wouldn’t be on American Idol, and why fans should all be writing thank you notes to Santa Claus.

The interview is too long for this post. Here's a bit of it.

@edroste started playing “The Jam” by A Tribe Called Quest

ED DROSTE: My queue appears to all be a tribe called quest now. Sorry I feel like SUCH a grandma on this thing. hahaa
STEREOGUM: You get used to it. Then you will realize it’s fun!
ED DROSTE: I could see how it would be fun if there was an audience and the audience kept deciding. Haha.
STEREOGUM: Yeah, are you going to start trolling the rooms now?
ED DROSTE: No I don’t think so. So do we talk about the song? Or life?
STEREOGUM: We can talk about whatever you like!
ED DROSTE: I’ll leave that to you!
STEREOGUM: Okay, I am not sure I would have pegged your a Tribe fan
ED DROSTE: I like all types of music. Most of the music I listen to is not all the latest ‘indie,’ although I do appreciate a lot of new music
STEREOGUM: What would be the most surprising song on your iPod?
ED DROSTE: but I think that people have a total misunderstanding about musicians thinking that just because they make one type of music, that they must listen to that type of music. ie: you have a beard and make folkish music, you must only listen to that genre, then you see their favorite album is a mary j blige album and are all ‘hey WHAT?” and it’s like come on, don’t you have a wide variety of taste?
STEREOGUM: Well, who doesn’t like Mary J?
ED DROSTE: Well I like all types. I guess I haven’t ever really popped my country cherry, but generally speaking I like all types.
STEREOGUM: Old country is great, but new country is a challenge

@woolyknickers started playing “California (All The Way)” by Luna

ED DROSTE: I think I missed a question from earlier b/c I was focused on typing
STEREOGUM: I asked what song do you think would most surprise fans to find on your ipod
ED DROSTE: I just think if people were to look at my itunes and see my most listened to music they might be surprised to find a LOT of r n b. Aaliyah and Beyonce, random hits from Toni Braxton, etc. as well as stuff like Beach House, classic rock like Fleetwood Mac. Old vocal jazz like Nina Simone, I especially like her slow super depressing stuff.
STEREOGUM: So you and Beyonce have a mutual appreciation society?
ED DROSTE: I guess? Haha.
STEREOGUM: What is it like when you find out Jay Z and Beyonce are in the audience?
ED DROSTE: Wow, we are still talking about this?
STEREOGUM: It just came up because of your love of Beyonce
ED DROSTE: Haha, well you start to get really nervous and then you are like fuck it, I have a lot of people that want to see a good show, not just them so I should be just as nervous as any show and you ultimately just even out and try your best, but I will say the fact that they stood on these chairs or something and were QUITE visible from stage didn’t make it any easier to ignore the fact that they were there.

@edroste started playing “Plain Gold Ring” by Nina Simone

STEREOGUM: Ha! Jay Z said that he hoped indie rock would push hip-hop, do you think it is?
ED DROSTE: I haven’t gotten any points yet.
STEREOGUM: Sorry [hits "Awesome"] THERE’S ONE
ED DROSTE: I have no clue if indie has pushed hip hop. Oooh I’m glad I chose the long version of this, it’s the better one.
STEREOGUM: Do you think hip hop or R & B has influence you?
ED DROSTE: For sure.
STEREOGUM: I confess I don’t get many Beyonce overtones on the new album.
ED DROSTE: I had a song that deeply loved that almost made the album and it was very much influenced by R&B and the whole band LOVED IT BUT the problem was we just couldn’t find a proper chorus that worked with these verses we tried and tried until the last possible week we could to write a chorus that worked but finally we just surrendered it.

STEREOGUM: This feels like kind of a tease. I would love to hear it. Are you planning on releasing it?
ED DROSTE: I know. It’s a bit sad but that’s part of the album writing process. Not everything makes it. It was very minimal. It was mostly just a voice. It was pretty exciting stylistically and it could have fit the album in a weird way HAD WE made an amazing chorus but we didn’t so c’est la vie.
STEREOGUM: You released a bunch of tracks that didn’t make the album
ED DROSTE: Yes there are lots of songs that didn’t make it.
STEREOGUM: As a songwriter is it sort of nice to be able to get the tunes out there even though they aren’t proper Grizzly Bear tunes?
ED DROSTE: Part of me wonders if I’ll release the demo form of that song and just call it a demo under another name as it’s a song Chris Bear and I wrote together. I like the idea of releasing songs out there and letting them exist outside the album format
STEREOGUM: Do it! I want to hear it and I’m sure others do too
ED DROSTE: But I LOVE the album format so much too
STEREOGUM: A cassingle may be in order
ED DROSTE: In many ways I think our new album is our most ‘album’ album yet or in some ways, sort of like Yellow House I guess. Stylistically different, but Veck was at times a collections of songs you could shuffle. This to me feels like it needs to be heard as a whole. That’s my take. And I’m sure people will skip around, unclick the songs they don’t LOVE etc, but that’s my personal take on it. It’s my favorite thing we’ve ever done
STEREOGUM: Yes, this new album (sorry to people who haven’t heard it yet) it feels like a whole, not a collection of singles


Reviews of Grizzly Bear's Shields
Pitchfork - 9.1
Spin - 8

New Crystal Castles Album Coming in November
By Carrie Battan on September 19, 2012 at 01:45 p.m.

Crystal Castles write in a very brief Facebook post that their new album will be out in November. Recall their description of the new release-- the much-anticipated follow-up to 2010's self-titled album-- from early this year: "Every song we write is bleak."

"I didn't think I could lose faith in humanity any more than I already had, but after witnessing some things, it feels like the world is a dystopia where victims don't get justice and corruption prevails. I'm one step away from being a vigilante to protect people and bring justice to the people I love. I've thought about it," Alice Glass added in a statement last month.

The band is about to head out on a big tour with HEALTH.


Watch Flying Lotus' Short Film Until the Quiet Comes
Featuring music from his new album
By Evan Minsker on September 6, 2012 at 09:09 a.m.

Flying Lotus' Until the Quiet Comes is out October 2 in the U.S. and October 1 in the UK via Warp. Today, FlyLo has debuted a short film featuring music from the album, directed by Kahlil Joseph. The film was shot in Los Angeles and features gorgeous-looking (and, sometimes, violent) footage of kids and adults out and about. The album includes collaborations with Thom Yorke, Erykah Badu, Jonny Greenwood, Thundercat, and more.

The film features the Erykah Badu collaboration "See Thru to U", as well as two tracks featuring Niki Randa, "Hunger" and "Getting There".


Sleigh Bells Cancel, Reschedule Shows Due to Injury
By Carrie Battan on September 17, 2012 at 03:08 p.m.

Sleigh Bells have rescheduled a few upcoming tour dates-- and cancelled sets at the Pygmalion and Midpoint festivals-- due to a skateboarding (!) injury. "Apologies for canceling Pygmalion & Midpoint. I fractured the radial bone in my right arm at a skate park in Tequesta, FL", Derek Miller Tweeted. "A few other shows have been rescheduled as well. My arm is healing well but we gotta play it safe so I don't fuck it up some more."

"Sleigh Bells want to apologize to their fans for these changes, and hope to get back to both Champaign-Urbana and Cincinnati in the near future," a statement said.

The band's updated schedule is below

Sleigh Bells:
10-05 Portchester, NY - Capitol Theater #
10-06 Norfolk, VA - The Norva #
10-07 Richmond, VA - The National
10-09 Asheville, NC - Orange Peel #
10-10 Birmingham, AL - Workplay #
10-11 Athens, GA - Georgia Theater #
10-12 Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico - Corona Music Festival
10-15 New Orleans, LA - House of Blues
10-16 Dallas, TX - House of Blues #
10-17 Austin, TX - La Zona Rosa
10-19 Tucson, AZ - Rialto Theatre #
10-20 Albuquerque, NM - Sunshine Theatre
10-22 Boulder, CO - Boulder Theater #
10-23 Lawrence, KS - Granada Theater #
10-24 Milwaukee, WI - Turner Hall #
10-26 Indianapolis, IN - The Vogue Theatre #
10-27 Des Moines, IA - Wooly's #
10-28 St. Louis, MO - The Pageant #
10-30 Bloomington, IN - Bluebird Nightclub #
11-01 Madison, WI - Majestic Theatre #
11-02 Minneapolis, MN - First Avenue #
11-04 Chicago, IL - Metro
11-07 Bowling Green, OH - Cla-Zel Theatre #
11-08 Columbus, OH - Newport Music Hall #
11-09 Rochester, NY - Water Street Music Hall #

# with AraabMuzik


Sex Pistols Drop 'Holidays in the Sun' Video 35 Years Late

New clip uses footage of their 1977 Berlin trip

Only 35 years after the song was released, there's a genuine music video for the Sex Pistols' 1977 Never Mind the Bollocks single "Holidays in the Sun." According to Band Weblogs, the group's longtime documentarian Julien Temple edited the clip together using footage of their March 1977 trip to Berlin, "where the band had decamped for a few days to help escape media glare after their infamous sacking" from their label of nearly seven days, A&M Records.

The song was, in fact, inspired by that same trip. Said John Lydon, via the "Track By Track" feature on the Pistols' site, "I loved Berlin. I loved the Wall and the insanity of the place. The communists looked in on the circus atmosphere of West Berlin, which never went to sleep, and that would be their impression of the West. I loved it." The live footage comes from a show in Penzance, England, where, according to a statement from Temple, the band arrived unnannounced.

The new video arrives in anticipation of the indeed announced Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols Super Deluxe Box Set, which includes three CDs, a DVD, a diary, a 7-inch, a poster and stickers, and is due out September 24 via Universal Music U.K.


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