Kirsten Dunst Wears a Ring On Her Middle Finger, Daily Fail Thinks It's An Engagement Ring or sth

Diamonds are a girl's best friend, Marilyn Monroe once sung. And Kirsten Dunst seems to agree.

The Bachelorette actress wore a giant diamond ring on her hand as she walked around Los Angeles  coffee in hand on Tuesday.

The 30-year-old blonde, who counts Jake Gyllenhaal and The Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti among her famous exes, has been dating fellow On The Road actor Garrett Hedlund, 28, for several months now. 

The pair met on the set of their latest film, On The Road, which also stars Kristen Stewart and Sam Riley.

But the ring doesn't appear to mean there will be a wedding any time soon, as Kirsten wore it on her middle finger, rather than her ring finger as is traditional for engagement bands.(lol wat they even note it's not on her ring finger, apparently every diamond ring worn on someone's left hand = major relationship jewellery now)

However, the romance between Kirsten and Garrett does seem to be heating up.  

The couple was spotted in New York last week, where Kirsten resides, looking very much in love as they enjoyed a romantic dinner in the West Village.

The couple then took their romance to Los Angeles, where they were doing groceries together.

The actress, who has been a Hollywood star since her film debut at the age of 12, currently stars in new comedy hit Bachelorette, where she plays a mean bridesmaid who goes on a drunken bender the night before the wedding.

And Kirsten revealed she had no problem with the drunken scenes.
'Allison Janney taught me to, like, spin around just to feel out of it. So you're spinning and they're like, 'Rolling... Sound... Action,' and you feel a little messed up. You kind of feel nauseous, which is good'
'Also, if you also put ice cubes in your mouth it kind of numbs your tongue, so if you really have to be wasted in a scene you can kind of suck on an ice cube for a while.'
Kirsten is currently filming thriller The Two Faces of January with Viggo Mortensen, while Garrett is set to star opposite Amy Adams in the family drama Lullaby.