Jon Hamm in Aimee Mann's new video

Tom Scharpling directed Aimee Mann's new video "Labrador," which is conceptually a shot-for-shot remake of 'Til Tuesday's "Voices Carry" video. Jon Hamm plays the role of Tom Scharpling, and Scharpling's comedy partner Jon Wurster (aka super drummer for Superchunk & Bob Mould's band, etc) does a star turn as the creepy boyfriend. Oh, and if you're wondering who the dude playing guitar in that crazy wig is, it's TED LEO!! Ikr, I didn't recognize him either!

Do you love it?

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PS: Loving that the youtube ad I got was for a Werner Herzog directed rock doc for The Killers omggggg what is Herzog doing. It's funny because Tom Scharpling hosts a radio show on WFMU, and there was a bit where Tom went OFF about Stroszek because Associate Producer Mike suggested it as a FUN movie.

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