Raiders of the Lost Ark (aka Perfect Movie) Theatrical Run Extended


For many film fans, action films don't get more perfect than Raiders of the Lost Ark. Jeremy just wrote about seeing Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade in 70mm (jealous), and I tend to bounce back and forth between which of those two films I like more, but when it comes down to it, Raiders of the Lost Ark is the purest and most enjoyable action movie I think I've ever seen. Paramount re-released the movie in IMAX theaters this week, and we have good news for those who had a busy schedule and didn't have time to see it: the studio has decided to extend the theatrical run of the 1981 classic for at least another week. Read on!

I was lucky enough to see a 30th anniversary screening of Raiders last year featuring a Q&A with Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford afterward (recap here), and seeing my favorite film of all time on the big screen was a truly awesome experience. Even if you own the DVD (or plan on buying the complete Blu-ray set when it drops next week), I'd highly recommend seeing Raiders in IMAX, like it's never been seen before. This is especially true for younger readers who never had the chance to see it theatrically on its first run; you'll likely pick up on things you never noticed before because Spielberg and famed sound designer Ben Burtt did a frame by frame restoration of the movie and the result is incredible.

(Update: I e-mailed Paramount and asked if this extended run was limited to IMAX, and they revealed that the version that went through restoration will be available on "normal screens as well." That's great news for those who don't want to support the "LieMAX" theaters but still want to check it out on the big screen.)

Paramount will extend this theatrical run only until September 20th, so make sure to head out and see Raiders in theaters while you still can. The re-release earlier this week played on 267 screens, and starting today that's expanding to over 300 digital screens across North America (Canada included!). So if you haven't had the pleasure, what are you waiting for now?


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