Bam Margera Calls Cops on Nude Girl Masturbating in His Bedroom

He has seen his fair of crazy antics thanks to his role on Jackass.

But Bam Margera’s most recent drama may be his most bizarre yet.

The 32-year-old prankster had a very rude awakening recently when he was awoken by a naked woman kissing him after breaking into his Philadelphia home.

TMZ reports that the TV star reportedly threw the girl off him and immediately called 911, according to West Chester police.

While Margera was on the phone to the authorities, he apparently witnessed the girl drop to the floor and start to perform a sexual act on herself.

Once he had hung up the phone, he then allegedly threw the 24-year-old woman – who was still fully naked – out of his mansion.

Police reportedly told the website that they arrested the young woman in question in the rural area surrounding Margera’s luxurious home.

She allegedly faces charges of burglary, criminal trespass, and stalking.