9:08 am - 09/14/2012

The Kate Middleton topless pics!

You saw the story earlier on ONTD, and now here's the pics This is what EVERYONE will be talking about for the next few weeks.

+NSFW pics at the source (per ONTD policy)

NSFW pics at the source (per policy)

starcrossedkiss 14th-Sep-2012 09:32 pm (UTC)
years ago when I first started dating my ex we all went to the bahama's with his family and I went topless on the beach cuz I was drunk and everyone else was.

one night at dinner, his brother pulls up pictures of me he took and ZOOMED IN on my boobs laughing showing the whole table

I was so infuriated. what a creep ass motherfucker

I was topless far down at the end of the beach where no one was around he was really far away from us at the time... he is a creep
holidayy 15th-Sep-2012 09:14 am (UTC)
WTF? Did you make him delete them. That is so disgusting.
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