Gillette and Ryan Lochte Team up to Inspire the Next Generation Through The Get Started Campaign

Gillette and Lochte to donate $25,000 to Lochte’s First Swim Club

BOSTON — World Champion swimmer Ryan Lochte teamed up with Gillette to donate $25,000 to Daytona Beach Speed Swimming – the same swimming club that gave Ryan his great start in his tremendous swimming career. As part of Gillette’s global ‘Get Started’ campaign, this donation is aimed to help inspire young men and demonstrate that with a great start in life, they can achieve their dreams and goals. The Daytona Beach Speed directors plan to use the donation to create an area for dry land training to improve cross training and increase the swimmers’ skills.

Through the ‘Get Started’ campaign, Gillette has partnered with 25 ambassadors from around the world to help them give back to their respective organizations and communities where they received their great start in athletics, and in life. In addition to Lochte, Gillette is also working with athletes such as Tyson Gay (USA, track), Roger Federer (Switzerland, tennis), Sir Chris Hoy (Great Britain, cycling) and others.

“I am excited to be partnering with Gillette on this important program,” said Lochte. “Daytona Beach Speed will always be a special organization for me. I am so proud to be able to give back to the organization that taught me how to swim in competitions. I want to encourage the young swimmers in their development to ensure they have the same chances that I had growing up.”

“Gillette is linked to great starts for more than 800 million men around the world every day,” added Elliott Wilke, Brand Manager, Gillette. “It is great to see Ryan give back to the organization that gave him a great start in his career and we’re thrilled that he can visit with the young swimmers and be a part of this special event.”

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