Stephen Lunsford: Tyler Hoechlin’s Body Is the Biggest Threat in Teen Wolf Season 3

In Season 2 of Teen Wolf, we said goodbye to Matt and his creepy, creepy camera. RIP, stalker boy!

But just because he’s gone, it doesn’t mean he’s forgotten — or that he can’t come back. Wetpaint Entertainment spoke with Stephen Lunsford at the MTV VMAs on September 6, and the actor said he’d love to return in Season 3, even if he’s not quite human (or alive).

Wetpaint Entertainment: What do you hope to see happen In Season 3?
Stephen Lunsford: I’d like to see me come back as possibly a zombie or weird vampire-type hybrid.

That would be very interesting — mix things up a bit. I think [executive producer] Jeff Davis would kill me if he found out that I was possibly coming up with ideas for fantastical creatures.

Who do you think will be the biggest threat in season 3?
I don’t know. Possibly Tyler Hoechlin’s body — have you seen that thing? It’s just
massive muscle. I’m jealous. I try. It doesn’t work out.

What was your favorite moment in season 2?
When I rip the shirt off of Dylan O’Brien’s (Stiles) back — which was hilarious — during
the middle of a scene. My character became crazy and then I paralyzed him and then I ripped his shirt accidentally and then they left that take in, so I was like, “Perfect. Even better! I’m sorry!”

How many takes did that scene take?
That was one take. They only had one shirt. It’s a good thing they used that one take.

Was it his shirt?
It was the production’s shirt, so I didn’t have to deal with awkward moments with him later when he would be like, “That was my favorite shirt, Stephen.” That’s a good thing.

What do you think Jackson’s blue eyes mean?
I have no idea except for the fact that they are gorgeous, I will just say. I’m thinking Jeff Davis took those eyes from me and then put them on his face. I think maybe it shows that he’s a different kind of werewolf or perhaps he’s an even better alpha either way.